An afternoon tour … Amish country and more

On Saturday (April 18th) we drove to St. Cloud to do some shopping errands, which took a short time. Then what to do?? We could go home and feel obligated to work or … we could go on a Saturday afternoon ride. We chose the ride.

From St. Cloud we headed west, on 1-94, taking the Freeport exit, and off onto County roads to Grey Eagle, Mn. Years ago we assisted Grey Eagle Township with zoning issues so it was fun seeing what had changed and what had not.

From Grey Eagle, we headed to Long Prairie - in search of Amish farms. We first drove through the town, where we found an Amish man selling baked goods (and, yes, they were delicious). He had set up his stand next to a used car/vehicle business, That’s were I found my favorite brand of tractor.

Long Prairie etc April 2015 007.JPG

Snacking on the Amish baked goods, we headed out of town, in search of Amish farms by watching for buggy tracks and horse manure along the road. It’s a very efficient way to find the Amish farms. We stopped at a farm that had beautiful cedar chests for sale. We couldn’t decide where we would put such a chest, so we left without one … but not completely empty-handed. We bought a shelf with hooks on it - for hanging coats, and an assortment of jellies and honey.

Driving through the countryside, we found ourselves headed to Browerville where we saw many Amish farms and schoolhouses. We stopped at an Amish farm selling beautifully-made quilts … but not of them caught my eye.

Long Prairie etc April 2015 009.JPG

We found an Amish farmer in the field with his horses … what you see flying in the picture is what you think you see (spreading manure).

Long Prairie etc April 2015 029.JPG

Along the road to Browerville, we saw a couple of these …

Long Prairie etc April 2015 043.JPG

We also came across this chapel, called Zion Chapel in the Hills. The chapel is made from a steeple that was removed from the church that used to sit on this site.

Long Prairie etc April 2015 056.JPG

The chapel is open for anyone to use.

Long Prairie etc April 2015 058.JPG
Long Prairie etc April 2015 071.JPG

As we headed home, we did a brief tour of Little Falls, the childhood home of Charles Lindbergh …

Long Prairie etc April 2015 086.JPG

The last stop … dinner at the Pierz Pioneer Restaurant (Pierz, MN) …

Long Prairie etc April 2015 088.JPG

I wonder where we will end up next time. I’ll keep you posted.


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